CACHE is a UK based organization that was established in 1945 by the Ministry of Health under the name of the National Nursery Examination Board (NNEB). The board set the syllabus for the first national examination which took place in 1947. In 1994, the NNEB merged with the Council for Early Years Awards to form CACHE. In 2001 they incorporated the National Association for Maternal and Child Welfare and in 2015 they became part of NCFE.

NCFE is an awarding organization recognized by the UK Department for Education and regulated by Ofqual, so you can be confident that the organization is committed to delivering the highest standard of qualifications and service to our learners.

As the educational charity and leader in vocational and technical learning, NCFE combines over 170 years of experience with a network of expert collaborators to shape smarter solutions for learning needs.

The range of NCFE qualifications and customized programs in early years and childcare, education and training, social care, amongst other options, are designed to improve individuals’ lives and global career prospects.

On completion of a Customized Qualification, learners will receive a certificate of achievement. The certificate is evidence of the knowledge and skills gained by completing the qualification. This qualification has been accredited by NCFE under the Customized Qualification and the certificate of achievement will be issued directly by NCFE.